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Dr.Yali Bai, Dr.Ac.

Dr. Yali Bai, Dr.Ac.

After graduating from Chinese Medical School of Heze in 1981, Dr. Yali Bai worked at Heze Hospital of Chinese Medicine in China for over 15 years. When she moved to Winnipeg, Dr. Bai founded the Acupuncture Chinese Massage and Herbal Medicine Clinic by Sun in 2000 in order to provide high quality medical care and alternative healing methods to patients with various illnesses. Dr. Bai is a member of CMAAC (Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada). During her medical career in both China and Canada, Dr. Bai has successfully treated thousands of patients. Dr. Bai has achieved widespread recognition for her ability to treat difficult cases, for which the Western medicine and surgery have not achieved success as prior treatment methods for some of those cases. Dr. Bai has tremendous compassion and concern for all of her patients and has made significant positive impact in many of their lives. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Bai gives lectures on acupuncture to the community and to local support groups. With the help of Dr. Bai, countless patients are now enjoying more active, pain-free, healthy and productive lifestyles. Dr. Bai focuses on both mind and body healing. She uses her vast knowledge and extensive experience to determine the underlying causes of patients' problems and then treats these causes and their symptoms with unique skills. Dr. Bai specializes in pain management, infertility, neurological problems, allergies, skin disorders and emotional disorders. Her mission is to provide professional, courteous service and quality education to patients.


Dongfeng Sun, CMD.

Dr. Dongfeng Sun, MD.

Dongfeng Sun has more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice and medical research areas. He grew up in a family with a rich background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He received his medical doctoral degree from Shanghai Medical University, one of best medical universities in China.  He moved to Canada in 1997, and co-founded the Acupuncture Herbal Medicine and Chinese Massage Clinic by Sun in 2000. Mr. Sun is good at  Chinese medicine hertbalogy, which specialty is a unique asset in our clinic, bringing benefits to our patients, and to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment plan for their specific illness as well as promote health and wellbeing. Mr Sun works as a volunteer counsellor in our clinic.

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"I have experienced a very high anxiety and stress level over the last few years due to working full time and going to school in the evenings. It was extremely difficult to manage the high-stress and it was taking a toll on my mind and body. My wife told me about Dr. Bai and her acupuncture treatment so I decided it was a great idea. Dr. Bai began treating me in November of 2017 and her treatment and keen insight have become instrumental in dealing with my condition. I am now more focused, balanced and very satisfied with how things have worked out for me. I would recommend Dr. Bai for acupuncture treatment and I am so glad that my wife told me about her.” – George L.