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stones and bamboo

Taiji Exercise

Taiji is a practice that aims to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health through exercises that connect the integrity of the body with the breath and mind by using stretching, relaxation, body position, mental concentration, perception and movement. It is renowned for being a Qi based practice; there is a development of Yuan Qi, the vital or life energy force. Taiji exercise is helpful in treating illness and strengthening a person's constitution, therefore it is an exercise performed regularly by many people to keep fit, prevent and cure diseases, slow down the pace of growing old and to prolong life.

"Dr. Bai is amazing! She cured my migraine! I have had a severe migraine for 3 years, after the birth of my baby. I’ve seen numerous doctors and I’ve taken Topamax for 2 years with doubtful and inconsistent results. Then, I stepped into Dr. Bai’s acupuncture clinic and everything changed! Not only did she chase my migraine away, but boosted my blood pressure and my overall energy level.

I am endlessly grateful to this wonderful doctor and woman. Thank you, Yali !" – Diane N

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