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Cranial acupuncture


Vital life energy flows through a series of twenty-four pathways or meridians, these pathways conduct Qi (the vital energy of life) and circulate blood throughout the body. Inserting fine needles into specific points along these meridians increases the flow of energy by breaking down any blockages and draining away excessive pressure. Acupuncture therapy restores normal energy flow so that a perfect equilibrium and balance exists throughout the body.

An acupuncturist may be consulted by people with specific symptoms or conditions, such as pain, anxiety, arthritis, eczema, sports injuries, hive, asthma, migraine, high blood pressure, menstrual disorders, intestinal problems or pregnancy management. While extensive practice and research has shown that acupuncture is effective in helping people with such conditions as well as with many others, it does even more than simply relieving the symptoms. The aim of acupuncture is to treat the whole patient and to restore the balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.

In traditional acupuncture, it is believed that since all illnesses are considered to be the result of an imbalance of energy, treatment can benefit almost any ill person as long as the degenerative process in the tissue of the body is not too extensive.

The World Health Organization recognizes the use of acupuncture in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Many people also have acupuncture as a preventative treatment or because they feel unwell internally, but are not considered "ill" in Western medicine standards.


"Moxa" often used in conjunction with acupuncture, consists in burning of dried Chinese mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on acupoints. "Direct Moxa" involves the pinching of clumps of the herb into cones that are placed on acupoints and lit until warm. Typically, the burning cone is removed before burning the skin and is thought, after repeated use, to warm the body and increase circulation. Moxa can also be rolled into a cigar-shaped tube, lit and held over an acupuncture point, or rolled into a ball and stuck onto the back end of an inserted needle for warming effect. This warm penetrates deep into the body to unblock stagnation, restore a harmonious flow of blood and Qi, and bring you back to health.

"Dr. Bai has helped me tremendously through the use of acupuncture. I suffered for nearly 1.5 years with chronic bladder infections and constant bladder pain. I visited my general doctor (an internist), my gynecologist and a urologist. As no disease or physical obstruction was found, no regular doctor could help me and just prescribed me multiple antibiotics. I was taking low doses of antibiotics on a daily basis just to keep from getting a bladder infection before I tried acupuncture. It's been about 2 1/2 months since I began receiving acupuncture on a weekly basis and I have not had a bladder infection in about 2 months -- without antibiotics! My bladder feels better, I have no more pain. I highly recommend acupuncture at Dr. Bai’s Clinic to anyone with chronic health problems that do not respond to traditional Western medicine." – T. C.

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