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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbology

Chinese herbal medicine is as ancient as acupuncture and is a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture treatments are best combined with Chinese herbs. Herbs enhance and augment the therapeutic effects of acupuncture treatments. They are something you can take at home to support your healing between acupuncture treatments. Of course, herbs can also be prescribed and taken on their own without needing to have acupuncture treatments.

Herbs can be used to strengthen and build the body's constitution in deficient, weakened conditions. In addition, they can affect the human body in many other ways, such as helping to quickly fight a cold or stop bleeding, eliminate abdominal bloating or relieving constipation.

There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese pharmacopeia, consisting of plants, minerals and animal products. Chinese herbs are usually combined into formulas containing anywhere from 3 to 20 herbs. These combinations are designed to augment the actions or to ameliorate adverse effects of certain herbs in the formula.

Herbal formulas are available in a number of forms. We have a fully stocked pharmacy of herbal tinctures, capsules and tablets as well as hundreds of different kinds of herbs.

"Since I was a teenager my menstrual cycle has been irregular. Now at 30 yrs. old, my cycle stopped for a year and a half. I decided to come to Dr. Bai's clinic. After two months of treatments, my cycle improved. Since my fourth month treatment till today, I have my cycles every 35 days with duration of 5-6 days. I forgot to mention that I have Diabetes Type 2. My sugar levels improved from 200 to 90 without medication. I thank God and Dr. Bai because she has healed me. I recommend her because she is an excellent doctor and friend." – Ivonne

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