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stones and bamboo


"Moxa" often used in conjunction with acupuncture, consists in burning of dried Chinese mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on acupoints. "Direct Moxa" involves the pinching of clumps of the herb into cones that are placed on acupoints and lit until warm. Typically, the burning cone is removed before burning the skin and is thought, after repeated use, to warm the body and increase circulation. Moxa can also be rolled into a cigar-shaped tube, lit and held over an acupuncture point, or rolled into a ball and stuck onto the back end of an inserted needle for warming effect. This warm penetrates deep into the body to unblock stagnation, restore a harmonious flow of blood and Qi, and bring you back to health.

"I have experienced an annoying back pain for two years. Sometimes I couldn't sleep because of the pain and have to take a painkiller, which relieved my pain, but also produced severe side effects. I learned of your clinic from the yellow pages and decided to have a try. My back pain is gone now after I received two months of acupuncture treatment. I am very happy with the treatment since it is effective, natural and no side effect free." – Bob W.

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